Human Potential

Inner Evolution

This Is A Research Page To Expand On Human Potential.
The Goal Is To Give You Simplified, Easy To Digest
Knowledge To Wrap Your Head Around How To Actualize Your Potential.

'By The Year 2000 We Will, I Hope, Raise Our Children To Believe In Human Potential, Not God.'

~ Gloria Steinem

The Soul

The Greek word For Soul is 'Psyche' which means butterfly. Our Soul is a function of Nature. It's who we really are, it's embedded in our bodies, minds, and specifically our hearts. It comes through in images, visions, and feelings. Things we've been culturally taught to ignore.

On the other side of our personal, authentic transformation (a deconditioning and reattunement) we're brought back to our true self.

Intuition processes 65 billion bits of data per second, as opposed to the mind which processes 200,000 to 1 million.There's three types of intuition according to Heartmath.

1. Implicit - Things we learned, unconscious memories, and pattern recognition.
2. Energetic Sensitivity - Our nervous systems ability to detect signals from the environment.
3. 'Big Game' - Aligning with our 'higher' self by following our heart's intuitive guidance or energetic heart. Our Soul.

Learning & Education

Only 27% of Americans read more than 10 books a year. Only 13.7% of Americans have a bachelors degree.

Education is highly linked to increased quality of life, better health, better employment, more money and the list goes on. It's how we can begin to fulfill our potential, through learning about ourselves and the world.

Education is something that can never be taken away from you. It creates better people, better communities, and better society's. When we're educated about the world, we make more informed and enlightened decisions.

Tim Urban calls the entirety of human knowledge created today the 'Human Collosus'. It's something that builds upon itself every year, compounded through the internet.

Skill Building & Habits

Skills are the ability to do something well, and are part and parcel to fulfilling our potential in this lifetime. Skills take time to acquire, and the more you acquire, the better you become and the more options you'll have available to spend your time and create value for the world.

Understanding which skills to acquire can be helpful, and your intuition will guide you in the direction of what you're truly passionate about, which is your gift to give the world.

It's Not What We Do Every Once In A While That Matters. It's What We Do Every Day. By building learning and skill acquisition habits into our daily life, over time, we will become adept. Any worthwhile achievement takes a lot of work.

If we keep at it for long enough, we will become masterful in our chosen area of study and development. And we'll succeed at our chosen goals.

Conscious Creation

We're always creating. Our every thought, word, action, and feeling is creating a personal reality that interweaves with the collective reality surrounding us. 95% of this neural patterning is subconscious, on autopilot, and generally below our level awareness. By taking conscious control of this inherent power, we can begin to create our lives, and positively influence the lives of those around us.

We can begin to create Heaven on Earth.

Neuroplasticity (the brains ability to adapt to changes in the environment, learn new things, and mold itself) works in our favor as we create new and more empowering systems of brain behavior. These lead to new behaviors and decisions that result in a changed life.

The Observer Effect (which explains how our thoughts interact with reality) is constantly in effect.

Meditation & Intention

The benefits of meditation are many. Better sleep, better relationships, enhanced focus and productivity, enhanced immune functioning, more compassion, empathy, patience, and the list goes on.

By simply practicing our favorite form meditation for 10 - 20 minutes we begin to create better results and life satisfaction, while reducing unnecessary personal or relational problems.

The word 'Intention' is derived from Latin
intentio, which means 'purpose'. Setting intentions carve a path through the universe, and changes our bodies physiology.

By settings intentions we send an electromagnetic frequency into the world that begins to draw to us our intention. By doing this on a daily basis, we wire our desired reality into our nervous system and create our world from the inside-out.

Identity & Flow

One of the great keys to creating your reality and changing our behaviors is at the level of identity. Which is who we see ourselves as. If we can begin to see ourselves as the person we wish to be, sticking to the behaviors that will embody that version of ourselves will become easier, and feel more natural.

Over time, both the behavior and belief will wire into your brain, and will eventually become your new normal.

Flow Sate is the considered to be the most optimal state of performance. It's a period of total absorption in the task at hand, where everything else begin to fall away, increasing the amount of results we can create in a given amount of time.

This superior state of focus allows to acquire more knowledge, skills, and be up to 500% more productive.

'Forty Thousand Years Of Evolution & We've Barely Even Tapped The Vastness Of Human Potential.'

~ Norman Osborne