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'All Of Western Medicine Is Built On Getting Rid Of Pain, Which Is Not The Same As Healing. Healing Is Actually The Capacity To Hold Pain.'

~ Gabor Mate

Healing Spaces

Across history, and throughout the world Healing Spaces were dedicated to a wholistic view of healing that allowed practitioners and community to work together to create optimal healing outcomes for patients.

On the contrary, today's hospitals have sectioned off, top-down structures making collaboration, communication, and working together across disciplines difficult and focused more on the physician than the patient.

'By the old way of thinking, a botanical garden should be in every city. By the new way of thinking, every city should be in a botanical garden.'
- Richard Louv

Gardens throughout cities and towns have mental health & wellbeing effects, reducing anxiety and depression, while simultaneously enhancing the rate of healing and immune functioning.

Culture of Healing

A Culture of Healing - where wholistic (complementary & alternative) healthcare is the norm and integrated into everyone's daily life. This has the potential to expand our lifespan, increase the quality of life, and reduce doctor's and hospital visits. Which ultimately saves people money.

Health is Wealth.

Creating a Culture of Healing acknowledges the many diverse traumas, cultures, issues of equity, gender, and healing rifts within communities. By acknowledging these realities and power structures, and shining light on them, we can begin to deconstruct these cultural narratives and reframe them towards a world that works for everyone.


Trauma is highly prevalent in society today. 223.4 million people have experienced a traumatic event. From disasters, early childhood, war, community violence, to relational abuse, generational trauma and more. Giving people the proper set, setting, and access to educate and heal surrounding these can help a community flourish and create a trauma-informed society.

Healing Trauma rewires our nervous system for safety and sensitivity, as opposed to hyperactivity and numbness. Healing this fragmented part of our nervous system allows for a greater flow of coherence between the body and the mind.

Natural & Wholistic Medicine

Combining modalities of alternative care such as acupuncture, massage, nutrition, supplementation, chiropractic care, ayurveda, and more creates resilience to disease & enhanced immune functioning. It addresses the whole person & their lifestyle, while educating them and giving them options for self-care.
This approach focuses on the underlying causes of disease and preventing disease altogether.

Herbal medicine can be used to support our energy systems, our lymphatic systems, enhance blood circulation, relieve stress, and much more to amplify our health and prevent disease.

It can be used in mocktails, tinctures, ayurvedic remedies, teas, and more to create floral, aromatic, and healing experiences.

Conscious Relating

Conscious Relationships serve us as a catalyst for growth and self-evolution. It's a place for us to feel loved, supported, seen, and understood. It can also be a place to heal attachment woundings, shadows, and unconscious patterns from childhood and previous relationships - when handled consciously.

Masculine & Feminine Polarity dynamics can also be taught to improve relational satisfaction.

The Gottman's Institute is able to reliably predict marital and relationship satisfaction based on relational dynamics and patterns.

We can reliably teach and educate partners the habits, mindsets, and toolsets to create lasting, healthy, and thriving partnerships. These healthy partnerships then create healthy families, and a healthy community.

Psychedelic Healing

We're going through a Psychedelic Renaissance where medicines like Psilocybin, MDMA, LSD, Ayahausca, Mesaline, Ibogaine, and Ketamine are being legalized and decriminalized for their therapeutic, healing, and mental health benefits.

In a safe set and setting and the right, trained practitioners, these medicines can be used to treat things like addiction, trauma, alcoholism, depression, anxiety, and more.

'The Soul Always Knows What To Do To Heal Itself. The Challenge Is To Silence The Mind.'

~ Caroline Myss

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