Healing Center and Botanical Garden

Soul Garden

A Home for Collective Healing, Planetary Regeneration, and Human Potential. 

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The Future We're Creating.
Right Now.

Heart at the Center (Lotus) – Everything Radiates From this Point.
Mind, Body, Soul in Alignment.
Masculine & Feminine in Harmonious Balance.
Core buildings will be designed, built, and harmonized with the land (biomimetic/organic architecture).
Energy will be solar & renewable. 
Permaculture philosophy will be implemented throughout. 
Completely enshrouded by Nature. 

Mission: Healing & Empowering People To Reach Their Full Potential

Vision: A Healed & Abundant World Living In Harmony With Nature

Collective Healing is the healing of the many traumas, community divides, relational & interpersonal dynamics, and individual woundings through a blending of education, and healing modalities. When we heal ourselves, we heal the world.

Planetary Regeneration is the healing of the ecosystems of all life on Earth. This is done through a shift in how we relate to Nature, and the systems we use to create and sustain human life on our one Home.

Human Potential is the actualization of our purpose and abilities in this lifetime. This is done through a process of continual improvement, studying, training, and practice to become the best version of ourselves that we can be.

'Spare Time In The Garden. Either Digging, Setting Out, or Weeding; There Is No Better Way To Preserve Your Health."

~ Richard Louv

Why Soul Garden?
Why Now?

Climate Safe Haven

By the end of the 21st Century Humboldt County will be one of the safest zones in terms of Climate Change and safety. Therefore, Humboldt County should be one of the ground zero’s for solving the Climate Crisis. 


Educational Update

The current educational system is incomplete and tends to fail students, while simultaneously putting them into debt and costing them a fortune. We require education that accounts for the whole system and person, and that meeds the urgent demands of our time.

Wholistic Healthcare

Our current Western model of healthcare tends to treat symptoms, and not root causes. This ultimately costs more money, is less effective, and has a whole host of negative side effects. When we treat the whole person we can prevent disease, create higher quality of life, and improve productivity in people. 


The many types of Trauma existing in the world today require safe spaces and trained practitioners to take care of our collective woundings. This will raise people’s quality of life and give some people their lives back. This will ultimately create a safer, and more harmonious world that works for everyone. 

Solutions & Nature

People require spaces to come together and discuss, ideate, and collaborate surrounding humanities grandest challenge. Soul Garden will make a beautiful and appropriate template for the rest of the world to emulate in terms of built environment, culture, innovation, and healing the divide between Humanity & Nature.

Gender, Equity, Inclusion

We’re moving into and creating a world that works for everyone. In this world the benefits of gender, equity, and inclusion actually create benefits for everyone, including economic growth per capita. This creates a world of increased safety and support where everyone needs are met, and they can focus on becoming their best selves. 

'When We Heal Ourselves, We Heal The World.'

~ Mark Nepo

Soul garden Culture

Heart-Centered Culture can create a more empowered team with more resilience, presence, flow, flexibility, and connection.

While also increasing communication, teamwork, employee satisfaction, staff retention, reductions in sick time and health care claims costs. This ultimately creates more revenue.

Lean & Agile Organization Culture also known 'Living Systems' create non-hierarchical teams with the leader as a gardener, visionary, and coach tending the garden.

Due to their efficiency and speed, Living Systems Organizations can develop products five time faster, make decisions three times faster, and reallocate resources more quickly than their traditional counterparts. This ultimately creates more revenue.

Companies with a Learning Culture that invest in their employees have less employee turnover, they feel happier and more satisfied in their work, are more engaged and solution oriented, and team-oriented.

Employees are also less likely to be stressed, able to take on more responsibilities, and feel more confident in their daily lives. This ultimately creates more revenue.

'A Miraculous Healing Awaits This Planet Once We Accept Our New Responsibility To Collectively Tend The Garden, Rather Than Fight Over The Turf."

~ Bruce H. Lipton

12 Sections of The Garden

'Every Flower is A Soul Blossoming In Nature.'

~ Gerard De Nerval

Community Collaborations

'Your Mind Is A Garden. Your Thoughts Are Seeds. You Can Grow Flowers, or You Can Grow Weeds.'

~ Ritu Ghatourey

Funding Stages

1) Masterplan, Design, & Non-Profit Operation Funding 

 $35,000 – $50,000

2) Land, Zoning, & Garden Expenses 

$2 Million & $4 Million

3) Soul Garden Building Expenses (In Stages) 

$20 – $24 Million

4) On – Going Expenses 

$3 – 5 Million Per Year in Fundraising, Donations, & Grants

The Average Hospital Costs Around $60-$190 Million Dollars To Build.
The Local Humboldt County Hospitals Have Annual Patient Revenues Nearing $2 Billion Per Year. Creating Quality Options for Alternative & Complementary Healing Has The Potential To Bring Down Patient Costs Drastically, and Save People Money, Every Year.
While simultaneously raising their quality of life, and preventing disease.


Land Specifications

1) 100+ Acres

2) Within 20 - 25 Minutes of Arcata

3) Largely flat land for building a number of Healing Buildings, and a ‘textured’ botanical garden. Meaning, some level of gradient to the land. Fertile soil.
4) Access to all utilities

5) Some level of tree line around the outside. Redwoods.
6) Close to a main road, offshoot.
7) Outside of coastal zone. Ideally zoned AE, R1, R4, and Others Are Possible. We've discussed with the zoning department.

8) Well water access

Support & Donors

A Growing Wealth of Supporters

Jason BartleyLisa VandenboschJohn Roulac – Jessie Mcmillan – Allison Beck – Matt Koscelniak – Linden Gray-Reneburg – Irene Bartley – Isabelle Perry – Lily Haas – Alina Alishoev – Courtney Flynn – Matthew Busse – KC Mclean – Abraham Mcdaniel – Samantha Davalos – Nancy Bridenbaugh – Anna Billings – Janna Chapman – Madison Didomenicantonio – Shawn Mather – Erin Gabriel – Sandra Martocchia – Camryn Hanf – Jessica Lebert – Therese Scott – Stacy Atkins-Salazar – Erik Finkbeiner – Patrick Walsh – Alexander Philipp – Antonio Delgado – Alyssa Muro – Nancy Buzzard – Steve Hoehn – John Parker – Tashi Pakhrin – Michael Romandia – Dready Dave – Jen Madrone – Maria Katrina Salinas – Mona Ramos – Maria Katrina Salinas – Lucy Maurer – Skip Sumbera – Arianna Brown

A message

Thanks for witnessing soul garden as it blooms to its full potential.
Thanks for your Help.

Donor & Investor Archetype

– Solving Climate Change Is Important For You.

– You Appreciate Transformational Education.

– You Care About Healing The World.

This Page is For Those Interested in Investing In Soul Garden More Than A Donation. 

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Thank You.

'Plants Love Us. They Help Us Reclaim Our Health And Our Whole Selves. Plants Are Healers.'

~ Robin Rose Bennett

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Project Timelines

“Beauty surrounds us, but we usually need to be walking in a garden to know it.”

~ Rumi

.01 | It All Begins Here

1 year

Planning & Preparation

  • Build community support to 3,000 through authentic conversations, brochures, Online Marketing, Events, and More
  • Expand Team to 7 Heart-Centered, Committed, Talented, and Learning Individuals  – Clear Roles, Responsibilities, Agreements, and Culture.
  • Fundraise Masterplan Retreat & Send Out Press Release
  •  Update Website & Expand Investment Network
  • Expand Network of Healers & Educational Offerings

.02 | PLANTing the seeds

1-2 years

First Stage

  • Find 100+ acre plot of land within 25 miles of Arcata, CA that meets zoning criteria, vision, and accessibility ideals.
  • Secure funding for Land & Garden.
  • Purchase land under non-profit and begin layout (design of gardens and building foundations)
  • Begin Planting Seeds & Sourcing From Local Nurseries, Farms, & Garden Stores.
  • Continue community involvement, engagement, discussion, and growth (7,000).
  • Begin Hosting Permaculture & Ecological Workshops/Partnered With The University.

.03 | NUrTURE

1-2 years

Second Stage

  • Grow community support to 15,000 through authentic conversations, brochures, event participation, speaking, e-mail listing and more.
  • Secure funding for buildings.
  • Build out Architect Designs/Buildings + Gardens.
  • Have built world-wide network for collaboration and involvement once opened.
  • Continue community involvement, expand engagement, and grow donor list.


1-2 years

Third Stage

  • Secure On-going funding.
  • Build out housing, trails, and other peripheral necessities.
  • Soft opening for local community and participants.


2027 Grand Opening

Would You Like To Be A Part?