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In Sanskrit, The Vedas, a collection of ancient scriptures, means ‘Knowledge’. It’s believed that this knowledge was revealed to seers through God, or divine wisdom around 1500 – 1200 B.C.E. (Or potentially 6,000 B.C.E.). They’re of the eldest living texts alive today. They consist of four parts – The Rig Veda, The Yajurveda, The Samaveda, and The Atharvaveda. The Vedas influence all of Hindu culture, which believes deeply in the Divine within all aspects of Nature.

In the scriptures it is Prithvi, the goddess of Earth, who is coupled with with Dyaus, god of the Sky. From the Heavens, Earth is given the rain and sun to fertilize the soil making life possible for all. Nature, the blending and balancing of opposites.

In the same way, regeneration is the balancing of opposites. Regeneration is the natural process of replacing or restoring life and functionality to the biological systems of Earth. It is giving back what we have taken, consumed, or destroyed. This is what the end of the Bible is about – The Book of Revelations.

In Revelations they speak of Armageddon, a great battle, also known as the End Times. In the End Times, there are plagues, war, fire, and beasts abound, killing many people. Before this, God warns the people of a time of punishment, for disobeying God’s laws. Later in this Biblical story, Christ returns to the Earth, from the Heavens, dispelling the evil, and the people humble themselves, repenting their sins. A time of peace ensues, a period of “the restoration of all things”, a New Heaven, and a New Earth.

This final piece of the Bible was written in 96 CE, almost 2,000 years ago. It’s now 2023, and Earth has existed for over 4.53 billion years. Humans (as Homo sapiens) have existed for 192,000 years. We’ve been having a real impact on the environment for over 200 years, since the Industrial Revolution. In 2021, we’re now aware that only 3% of Earth’s ecosystems have ‘Ecological Integrity’, a framework for measuring restoration and mitigation efforts, according to Sentient Media. This also looks like 69% decline in biodiversity across the planet, since 1972, says WEForum. It’s a rapid change.

The majority of this ecological collapse is due to carbon emissions from oil, gas, coal, deforestation, farming livestock, and a bit from other forms of pollution like cigarette smoke. All burning a hole in the ozone layer, heating the Earth. We’ve all heard the writing on the wall.

We walked through the impact here, but will elaborate on the cost of climate change. Money helps conceptualise things. NASA says that sea levels could rise by over one foot by 2050. This, combined with the storms, could cost up to $1 trillion dollars globally, every year, by 2050.

Forbes, as of 2022, stated that Heat Waves caused by climate change have already cost the world $16 trillion dollars in economic impact, since the early 1990’s. Open Knowledge estimates that air pollution, in health costs, costs the world $8.1 trillion dollars every year. Globally, the FAO estimates that plant diseases cost the world $220 billion every year. UN Environmental officials said that forest fires, droughts, and land degradation are (and will) cost the global economy $15 trillion every year.

Overall, climate change could reduce global GDP between 11-14%, per year, by 2050 (the equivalent of $23 trillion dollars), says NY Times. It’s incredibly expensive. This makes the opportunity huge, and decisions, easy.

Even if they’re hard.


When I hear that we have to remove 0.96 billion tonnes of carbon dioxide from the atmosphere by 2030, I don’t feel anything. It’s a number on a screen, and it has no tangible bearing on my life. I think that’s how most people feel. On the other hand, when I know there will be water insecurity, food shortages, and energy outages in my neighborhood in 15 years, I’m affected. I think that’s how most people feel.

When we say the words ‘Planetary Regeneration’, we’re thinking about the whole Earth, no separation. It’s a big topic, so let’s break it down. On Earth, there’s 195 countries and 185 bio regions. Where countries are boundaries made by man, bio regions are also manmade, but with the ecological fabric at the center. So it’s really Earth-centric. Heart/Mind.

From Bioregions 2020

We shift from our man made countries to the Earth made understanding of our world, for a number of reasons. In a bioregion perspective, we are viewing terrains as a system of life that we are intricately tied to, not a political or governmental system full of manmade rules. In this approach, there are another set of rules – Natural & Ecological Laws – which move in cycles and rhythms. As we shift our perspective, we begin to see how we are more responsible for, and capable of, changing things within our portion of the world. Knowing that thriving in one region, looks different than thriving in another region.

In this view, we’re not attacking the problem, and we’re not defending the Earth. We’re harmonizing with Nature. In the same way Aikido is ‘the way of Harmony’ – a way of harmonizing Mind, Body, Soul with the universal forces of Nature – we are seeking to harmonize with our environment and bio region. The way of Peace.

When aligned with ‘the universal forces’, the flow of life, solutions come naturally. We’re no longer getting in the way. When we’re no longer in our wounding, or our self-limiting patterns, our cultural patterning, etc. An abundant state, a higher frequency of existence, closer to truth, and the natural world. This is the divine state within us all, when intuition is strong, and inspiration strikes, naturally.

I have a sense that certain people will have a big impact on this planet in this lifetime, and that certain ideas and visions will come through (and are already coming through) millions of people, right now. To put it in realist terms. all the regenerative solutions are already here. It’s rather a shift in our awareness, to understanding why these should be prioritized, given attention, and invested in – everywhere.

If we think in terms of bioregions – outlining objectives and relative timelines, to come to a ‘restored’ state for each region, based on the biodiversity, changing climate, culture, terrain, and resources within each region, solving climate change would become much clearer. On some level these exist, and it’s public knowledge, but it’s also not. Meaning it’s not common sense…yet.

Objectives include things like restoring ecosystems and carbon sinks, regenerative agriculture & permaculture, developing fully renewable energy sources attuned to the region (solar, geothermal, wind, biofuel, etc.), smart roads and buildings, renewable building materials, walkable cities and green rooftops, light-rails, electric cars, and walkable cities – amongst other things. The opportunity is vast.

How many people live in your region? What will the changing weather patterns be there, what can you anticipate? How will food be secured in 20 years? Water? How much access to regenerative (carbon sequestering) building supplies do you have for your community? How long, and how much will it cost to bring your regions energy to carbon neutral? How many ecosystems could be restored in your community, how much carbon would this drawdown, and what’s the cost? How can you influence your community to move towards a world in harmony with nature?

There’s so many ways. It’s all on the internet.

I see our collective creativity, beyond the metrics, infusing soul into our planetary regeneration. I see buildings with character, harmonizing us with the land. I see ecosystems invested in, valued, and restored. I see our streets breathing with the Earth, surrounded by lush flora and fauna, carrying our lightweight transportation. I see the waters clear, the oceans pure, the food from the source.

It’s simple, it’s healthy.


Photosynthesis is the natural process by which plants transform sunlight to create food from carbon dioxide and water, with a natural byproduct of oxygen. The results of this process feed almost the entirety of the animal kingdom, humans included. It’s happening everywhere, all the time, and we hardly think about it. It’s Heaven, meeting the Earth. It’s happening beyond our ordinary senses.

It’s Magic.

In China, it was called The Dao ~ The Way. Photosynthesis describes one of the ways life naturally regenerates, all without our interference. We’re just like the plants, but we have gotten in our own way. The energy of greed, fear, and woundedness, constrict us and cuts us off from the natural source – the frequency of Nature. The frequency that Heals The World.

Catholicism, Christianity, Colonialism, and Capitalism (as they’ve been practiced) enforce a domination over the natural world, but in the words of Rainer Maria Rilke, “If we surrender to Earth’s intelligence, we could rise up rooted, like trees.”

Surrender’s a feminine quality.

You’re a Bitch.


With Love,


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