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It was in Ancient Greece that Plato (428 – 347 B.C.) put forward his work that penetrated the culture for centuries afterword’s. In his utopian book The Republic, Plato speaks of strength. But not just strength, harmonious strength, the harmony of the whole. In his version of utopia, men and women would be treated equally, all children would be given a quality education in the direction of their natural talents, and that rulers would study for 50 years before taking the throne. There’s many more ideas in this book, but these ones seemed most relevant and resonant.

In Timaeus he speaks of the order and beauty of the universe, that it is made from intelligent design, split into two parts: The physical-changing world (feminine) and the eternal-unchanging (masculine). The changing can be understood through sensation (feeling), and the unchanging can be understood through reason (masculine). He sees the body and health in the same way – as something that is seeking the same order and balance as the cosmos, an intelligent, embodied, divine being. Plato put in philosophical terms what science now knows, that all living beings and systems seek balance and equilibrium. It’s called Homeostasis, a state of harmony.

The current westernized medical model, doesn’t see health holistically or harmoniously, as much as it could. It’s based on scientific evidence, and peer reviewed journals surrounding treatments that work to solve the symptoms of disease, as opposed to the prescientific, holistic model of health. Science is based in rationalism, logic, and order – it’s highly masculine, and single-focused. It’s this focus that has lead to our current understanding of pathology, physiology, neuroendocrinology, and on and on. It’s useful, in that it has identified so much of the hormones, genes, organs, cells, and other parts of our anatomy, and how to treat them individually. However, it’s also lead to a list of problems, as it is mostly focused on one part of health, not the whole. Without treating the whole, we’ll never experience enduring, optimal health as a culture.

This way of viewing ourselves and our health, encourages us to show up to the doctor (or hospital) only once we’re experiencing a problem, ailment, or disease. At this point, the onset of the health problem, is generally the result of experiencing factors for a while, that have manifested as the disease. So it’s too late to prevent. However, according to National Institute of Health, if we’d gone for a holistic & preventative method of healing, we’d have saved on average, 53 & 63 percent of the costs of traditional western medicine. Another way to put this is that the average American spend $12,914 per year on healthcare costs, over $5,000 more than any other high-income nation, according to HealthSystemTracker. This somewhat antiquated model, also wastes about 1 in 4 dollars spent annually, according to Humana. This is due to lack of care delivery & coordination, overtreatment or low-value care, pricing failure, fraud and abuse, and administrative complexity. It really comes down to empathy and simplicity.

Some of the greatest problems to human health within the United States (that can be solved without a medical degree) are stress (contributing to the six leading causes of death), mental health, trauma, obesity, tobacco & substance use (addiction), environmental, and more. Much of this is the result of a fast-pace lifestyle, that prioritizes productivity and output, over human connection, optimal well-being, soul-centered living, and a connection with nature. When we’re rushed, stressed, and pursuing something that isn’t really true for us, we’re living out of alignment, and we (and our body) responds accordingly.

The Cost:

  • Chronic Diseases: $260 Billion dollars a year due to preventable chronic diseases. CDC
  • Stress: $300 Billion dollars a year. CDC
  • Obesity: $190 Billion dollars a year. Harvard
  • Prescription Spending: $335 Billion dollars a year. CBO
  • Substance Abuse: $740 Billion dollars a year. Very Well Mind
  • Mental Health: $193 Billion in lost earnings. APA
  • Childhood Trauma: $458 Billion. PennToday
  • PTSD: $232.2 Billion. APA

That’s about $2.7 Trillion dollars per year lost due to the majority of the leading problems to our health, though there’s probably some overlap. It’s a lot of money. Outlining the problems creates clarity. Clarity provides a huge opportunity to up level, transform lives, save people money, create abundance, amplify potential, and ease human suffering.

As we become more aware, as the consciousness raises across the planet, the culture shifts to address what’s truly needed.


The Future Of Healing

In a holistic & preventative model of health we look at everything surrounding the patient or client. We look at the family, how they were raised, their socioeconomic status, their environment, the history of the culture, their daily habits, their emotional/mental health & beliefs, their sexual health, their social connections, their diet, and their physical health. When accounting for all these variables in a unified way, we can identify the sources of potential disease, and understand how to prevent, care for, and solve health problems before & after they occur, designing our lives around this knowledge.

While this a holistic view from the outside looking in, getting to the root of these problems is what so many are really looking to do. The majority of our healing, behavior change, trauma release, and reconditioning lives in the subconscious mind. The part of our mind that runs 95% of the 70,000 thoughts we think every day. It’s both a weeding, and a planting to transform our personal programming. Weeding those thought structures, belief systems, and awareness of self that bring down our energy or hold trapped emotions. While replacing them with seeds of higher vibrational understandings that empower the self and other. Seeds of love that will lead us down new paths of behavior and energy that will influence the whole of the culture. This is what education does.

What education is also doing for us is teaching us that we are our own greatest source of health, and we can create our own healing, endogenously. Due to the work of many doctors, including Joe Dispenza, we now know that our minds can trigger within our bodies an internal experience of neurotransmitter release, hormone production, and an immune response. These can ease and heal pain, inflammatory diseases, and more through visualization and practicing feeling into a future state of being. A whole and healed state. It’s been proven through thousands of case studies, and placebo experiments across the country, and the world.

A term coined Coherence Healing, by Joe, is expanding our awareness of how much power we have to heal. It’s similar to the work of Lynne Mctaggart, in that when people gather with a shared intention to heal, and use mind-body-heart based practices with focus, healing occurs, and matter is changed through our consciousness. It’s incredible, and it’s still work. To elevate consciousness across the Earth.

Here’s how I see it. As this information, and the evidence of these possibilities moves through the collective, our understanding of what we’re capable of as humans, expands, and healing becomes more possible. In the same way that there was a point in time where we thought the Earth was flat, we now know it’s a sphere floating in space, amongst billions of other planets, in the Milky Way Galaxy. It’s common knowledge, and it’s taught in schools. One day, this will be too.

Stepping outside now, according to YaleEnvironment360 it takes 120 minutes of nature exposure to get the healthy ‘high’ that comes from it. That ‘high’ has a host of benefits including lower blood pressure & stress hormones, enhance immune functioning, increase self-esteem, increase of creativity, reduce aggression, and improve mood all while speeding the rate of healing for injuries. This is the opposite of what people with Nature Deficit Disorder experience, a term coined by Richard Louv. The more we bring Nature into everyone’s daily life, our built environment, and cities – the more we allow the healing to occur. Naturally.

With the advent of monocultural farming, the average plate of fruit and vegetables travels about 1,500 miles to your plate according to Michael Pollan, author of The Omnivore’s Dilemma. According to UC Davis in this time, it loses valuable nutrients in this process, that will never find it’s way into your body. 73% of this food system is ultra-processed, according to Food Tank. That’s called inefficiency. On the other hand, when produce is farmed regeneratively it has a much higher nutrient quality, and is likely sold much closer to the source. Eating closer to home and closer to the sun is both healing for your body, and the Earth. While only 1.5% of the 900 million acres of arable land are being farmed regeneratively, says Dr. Kristine Nichols, the potential for change is high.

Slowing down now, we know that diet, exercise, sleep, and lighting (if not done properly) account for a majority of health and stress problems. Lack of sleep can lower our immune functioning, increase stress hormones, raise our blood pressure, and cardiovascular health, chronically affecting over 70 million Americans according to NIH. 46% of the United States population has a poor diet, leading to over $50 billion dollars in health costs each year, from The Conversation. According to Boston University 10 million people deal with SAD (seasonal affective disorder). Only 28% of Americans get the recommended amount of exercise set by the CDC, according to Forbes. Ironically, these are the easiest things to solve, in theory. It’s behavior change. It’s cultural change, a shift in values. Ancient technology.

While there’s plenty of healing technology in that deserves light shed upon it, I want to encourage the technology that helps create the cultural shift that simplifies our life, while keeping us healthy, holistically.

Healing the collective will manifest in many forms, but it will definitely integrate into our homes, our workplaces, the way we design our cities, the way we view ourselves in relationship to the natural world, the way we educate, the way we live, and our healing centers (beyond the hospital and doctors office). That’s the cultural shift I want to be a part of. The one I see moving through us.


As we transcend and outgrow our collective wounding’s, unconscious habits, and our worldview’s shift we see a compounding ripple of positive impact. As someone releases their trauma, sleeps better at night, and eats closer to the source, they have more energy, of a higher quality, and more time on their hands. They aren’t spending as much money, so they have more, and don’t have to think about it as much. They’re more in alignment with who they are, and getting more done for others in the world. Their quality of life has risen dramatically. Now imagine that happening with millions of people all across the country.

The Greeks had a term called ‘Eudaimonia’, what they considered to the be the supreme flourishing, fulfillment, and prosperity possible for human beings. This is the ‘utopian’ vision, otherwise known as Heaven on Earth, that’s totally possible. And it becomes more possible, as we each shift our focus towards what’s best for everyone. A harmonious, wholistic, unified, balanced world.

When we heal ourselves, we heal each other.

When we heal each other, we heal the world.

You’re heart knows.


With Love,


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