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It was about 12,000 years ago that the agricultural revolution begun. At the end of the last ice age and the beginning of the current epoch, the Holocene, was when hunter gatherers began to transition and create civilization. This revolution sprouted up across the globe, non-locally. Meaning, multiple cultures began producing agriculture and settlements around the same time, without ever interacting. This is evidence of how our consciousness and life evolves around the globe – that everything is connected.

The ancient Egyptians and Mayans built pyramids and structures between 2550 to 1500 B.C. These civilizations never touched each other, but still appeared on Earth around roughly the same time. I see this as a physical manifestation of our consciousness at the time, that has existed up until now. This model of reality, and understanding of the world and how we relate to it has manifested in Capitalism, Hierarchy & Power Over, Hypergamy, Slavery, Division, & Colonialism. It’s a triangle.

An example of this is the symbol of the pyramid that is used on the back of the 1 dollar bill. The State Department claims that it symbolizes ‘strength and duration’ – as the pyramids have been around since their construction about 4,500 years ago, outlasting the beginnings of civilization. We call this symbol The Great Seal, and it is deeply entrenched in the collective conscious of the United States, and was created by Secretary of The United States Charles Thompson, back in 1782. While he denounced slavery and corruption, and was highly regarded at the time, he also created this symbol that is now one of the most well known in the whole world.

Sitting atop the 13 layer pyramid (the original colonies) is the Eye of Providence, or the All Seeing Eye of God that watches over humanity. The words Annuis Coeptis meaning, ‘He Favours our Undertakings’. The Novus Ordo Seclorum meaning, ‘New Order of The Ages’. Remember, the eye (god) is on top of everyone, watching over us, while simultaneously on the back of the one dollar bill. This is how reality is created.

The United States culture is largely centered around money, and the U.S. is the most powerful, influential country, on planet Earth. We hold power over the rest of the world.

In God We Trust. This is what it says on the back of all the dollar bills printed from the U.S. reserve. Our version of god stems from Christianity, which holds a masculine, patriarchal figure over us, externalizing the source of spirit. This model of reality, is disconnected from the Earth, a feminine spirit.

This version of spirituality is on the decline and the collective consciousness is shifting. 50 years ago 90% of America was Christian. Today, it’s 64%, and post-covid, church membership has fallen below 50% for the first time, according to Gallup.

As we are moving through ‘the great turning’, an awakening in the collective conscious to higher levels of awareness, that is resulting in a transformation of society from focusing on Empires (triangle) to focusing on Earth (circle). From focusing on war, poverty, famine, and disease to healing, regeneration, abundance, and safety.

The way we have existed thus far (in many ways) goes against the laws of nature, and is therefore creating a climate catastrophe that is showing us (through feedback from the climate) that we are out alignment with planetary boundaries. That we are out of balance with the feminine. The pyramidal model of reality, sucks energy and power to the top, creating scarcity below. The circular or toroidal model of reality, diffuses energy and power, creating abundance.

“The United States spends over 87% billion conducting a war in Iraq, while the United Nations estimates that for less than half that amount we could provide clean water, adequate diets, sanitation services, and basic education to every person on the planet.” ~ John Perkins, 2004


What’s interesting about the United States pulling the pyramid from Ancient Egypt, is that they only pulled the pyramid. There are many other symbols that weren’t pulled into the United States during the creation of a new nation. Such as the Flower of Life, and other sacred geometry, that describe the natural patterns of life on Earth. Sacred Geometry is considered ‘the architecture of the universe’, and this is because it patterns the masculine and feminine, and speaks to the truth of creation.

The two pieces of Sacred Geometry that are really speaking to me right now are that of The Torus, and the Flower of Life. Combined, I see them as the Earth Map.

In the same way that the heart has a toroidal field that encompasses the human body, the Earth has a geomagnetic field of the same shape. The Torus speaks to alignment with the universal energies, and when in harmony, is constantly in flow. When out of alignment, chaos ensues, and dissonance becomes apparent. In the same way, when we live out of alignment with our truth (our heart), it creates stress, and disease within the body and mind. This dissonance radiates outward, and creates disharmony within everything around it. This is currently happening for the majority of people on Earth, but is evolving.

The Evolution of Sacred Geometry

The Flower of Life speaks to the unity of life and the interconnectedness of all beings. It has overlapping circles that speak to the interdependence and connection of our hearts Torus. I believe the Flower of Life is a clue to Heaven on Earth. When we move towards unity, holism, and synergy (which is what quantum physics speaks to), we begin to see this universal truth, manifest on the Earth plane. This is the shift from head, to heart. From triangle, to circle.

As we create more structures, systems, and models that are in alignment with the models of the heart (as opposed to the models of the mind), we will see more sovereign systems within each bioregion, that all connect, supporting each other in harmony. This is an abundant (and efficient) world. One in which everyone thrives, in Harmony with Nature.

As the collective begins to break down our internal understandings of how life and society function, and begin to understand a higher order of thinking (universal and natural systems), we’ll begin to think, create, and behave in this way, more.

Which is, deep down, what we all want.


As technology and our understanding of the world grows and expands, our ability to take in, interpret, and understand information becomes even more important. According to Datanami, about 80% of global workers experience information overload. Meaning, there’s so much information out there, it’s difficult to know what to read and what to listen to. That’s where intuition comes in.

Intuition processes about 65 billion bits of data per second, as opposed to the mind which processes about 200,000 to 1 million per second. Intuition is a whole body system way of sensing our way through the world, and requires embodiment, and a sense of trusting ourselves, over external authorities. This is the shift, and the evolution of humans on Earth.

In God We Trust.

The Future Lives In Our Hearts.

The Soul Knows The Way.


With Love,


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