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Vision Casting

In the Bible the word ‘vision’ is used frequently referring to encounters with God where he imparts special revelation, often intuitively, in dreams. (Num. 12.6.) Sometimes visions can be ‘theophanies’ (an encounter with a deity), where God speaks directly to the visionary. The temporal or spatial manifestation of God, in our minds eye, or lived experience.

Our experience with Visions may not be so ethereal, but all of us have visions that we either tend to or ignore throughout our lives. Intuitive hunches that are asking to be heard.

How do we draw them out, create structure around them, and make them real?

There’s a million ways, but here’s what I’m thinking…


Write It Down: WHAT DO YOU WANT? This is the question of your life. Intuitively, we all know, but not everyone puts in the time to identify what they truly want to experience, and carve out the time to make it real. It’s a privileged question, but perhaps one day it will be the norm, that they teach in school. If you split your life up into 12 categories, what would you call them?

According to psychology professor Dr. Gail Matthews, we’re 42% more likely to achieve our goals simply by writing them down.

Use The Past Tense: By writing in the past tense, as if the event had already happened, we’re priming our mind & body (which doesn’t know the difference between imagination and ‘reality’) to embrace the outcome before it arrives. If we say it’s ‘going’ to happen, we’re creating a reality surrounding a future event which hasn’t occurred.

Draw, Use Art, Or Mood/Vision Boards To Expand Upon It: Creating your chosen reality shouldn’t stop inside your mind or body. Bringing it into the physical, more and more, will make it even more real for you, and others as well.

Some ways to do this are creating mood or vision boards, or having posters around your home that remind you of your chosen reality. Places where you’ll see them everyday.

Set your home screen on your phone, laptop, or computer as goals or images related to the visions you want to live into. Make all your passwords, related to your vision. This way every time you use your technology, or log into your accounts, you’ll be further anchoring the reality you want to experience into your system.

Basically, put it everywhere. Take what’s within you, and craft your environment around it.

Gratitude & Future Journal: Having a daily journal, where you give thanks for what’s within your current lived experience, but also your future experience. If we focus on the future too much, we get disconnected and lack presence. But acknowledging the future experience through gratitude creates a biochemical experience within our bodies that will begin to help us become it in the present, making it seem not only possible, but inevitable.

Why do we want anything? Because of the way it makes us feel. If you take the time to identify the emotions you want to experience on a daily basis, and begin to anchor this experience within your body through practice, and doing activities that bring it out of you, you’ll begin to condition your mind and body to feel this way, much more frequently. Music helps too.

Share: Share your vision. Share it with people who want the same thing. The more people that see it, enjoy it, and support it – the more alive it will be in your life. Whatever we focus on expands, and whatever we get others to focus on, expands even more.

The more time you put into creating your chosen reality, the more it becomes reality. It’s really that simple.


With love,


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