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Animism is the belief that all things across the web of life have a distinct spiritual essence. From the rocks, to the waters, to the trees, to you. While I don’t believe rocks have a soul in the same way humans do, they are still apart of the energetic tapestry that makes up the Earth. The presence of animism can be found in indigenous, ancient cultures all across the globe. It’s focus isn’t simply on the essence, but on the interconnected of all the essences, and how they weave together.

So when someone asks you, from an animistic perspective, ‘Who are you?’ – the answer relies on all that surrounds you.

In that same way, I’ll describe ‘You’.


World View:

  • You see the world as a unified whole. Knowing every action and decision has it’s own impact, and seek to live from a place of global understanding and ecological awareness.
  • You understand that ‘spirituality’ is inherently rooted in Nature, and science. That we, individually and collectively, co-create reality. You understand that shifting attention, energy, and resources away from Pharmaceutical Companies, The Military Industrial Complex, Gas & Oil, & Consumerist Culture towards visions that ‘Heal The World’ will have a rippling, compounding effect on everyone. That there’s plenty of money, if you understand.
  • You understand that you have a unique genetic code that will never in eternity be re-created. Your expression is unique, and no one can copy who you are. You trust, or are open to trusting yourself, over any external authority. You know that your connection to source is your own.
  • You understand the realities of climate change, while simultaneously remaining optimistic, hopeful, and solution oriented. You believe in the continuity of human Life on Earth.
  • You see your purpose as more important than the financial rewards of creating your vision, but also understand that the monetary compensation of creating a valuable solution to these problems should be high.
  • You’re a healer.


The Real:

  • You’re aware that climate change is an emergency, that people are still waking up to. You can meet people we’re they’re at, and allow people their own process with the facts.
  • You know that in states of emergency, money becomes less valuable and will be leveraged to create safety and security, more and more. Therefore, you’re solution is more valuable overtime.
  • Building a business, or a company (a vision) is a long-term process that takes on average 2-7 years, depending on your goals. You’ve taken this into account.
  • Not every business succeeds in the long term. In fact, after ten years – the majority don’t, and there’s plenty of reasons. You’re planning to be in the minority, and you can tell the world why.



  • Willing to implement at minimum 15 hours/wk.
  • Can Reasonably Spend Between $5,500 – $10,000 within a 3-month period.
  • You are reasonably qualified to receive funding from grants, investors, or venture capital within 1-2 years. Money doesn’t go to anyone, but will go to well thought out plans, and qualified people who have put in the necessary effort to make sure their project or vision succeeds.
  • You have a minimum of $20,000 dollars that you can reasonably invest in your vision. That, or you have a clearly outlined reason that you won’t need it (a.k.a. you’ve built something already, or you’ve identified your needs and connected ways to meet them).
  • 25 – 35 (if you’re younger, but feel inspired, I want to hear your story).
  • Desiring Mastery & Positive Impact. You have some level of skill and knowledge to build upon.
  • You’re committed and you can tell the world why.
  • You have connections with people who can help you create your vision, or who are doing something similar in the world that you can draw upon for support.


I’m Holding A Vision of 150 Healers of Many Kinds, Across The Globe, In Connection, Giving Their Gifts To Support The Collective As We Move Through A Transformative Time On Planet Earth.

This space is meant to support you in becoming one of these people, or someone they would hang out with.

P.S. This list isn’t black and white, and will continue to evolve as I do.


With Love,


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