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We’re at a turning point on the planet. Climate Change and an ever-growing set of health problems are creating a world that most people would rather not live in. That’s why you’re here. Because something within you has the desire to solve it, and do it in a beautiful way.

The clock’s ticking.

So I created a program (based in ‘reality’) to help you do just that, and I’m going to walk you through it right now.

Clarity on Your Vision: This is where it begins. Together, we’ll walk through your ideal vision for creating your life. What the vision is for your business. How it impacts others, how it heals or transforms, how many people you’d love to impact, how it changes the community (or communities) you live in/work in, and the feeling you’d like to leave people with when they’ve come into contact with you.

We’ll go deep into your why. What moves you about this vision? Why does it inspire you and bring you to life? Why is emotionally compelling? What about your personal story ties into your desire to make an impact in this way?

We’ll also walk through the other areas of your life, in lesser (but equally important) detail. Everything’s subject to change, but creating clarity is so paramount to achieving your goals. The simple act of writing down your goals increases your odds of success by 42%. But reviewing them daily or weekly, and letting them evolve as you do, allows you to move through the world with a sense of certainty and purpose, of knowing who you are, and what you’re here to do.


Transforming From The Inside Out: Our realities and perceptions are governed by our internal psychology and physiology. How we exist every day lives in our cells, our neurons, and our biochemistry. This ‘existence’ is constantly radiating out into the collective field, informing others of who you are, and how you feel. It’s a combination of the thoughts you think, the stories you tell yourself, the beliefs you hold, how you see yourself, and your daily behavior.

If you were already this person, the one who’s created the business and built the life you’re envisioning in part 1, what would those beliefs, thoughts, stories, identities, intentions, and actions be?

Now work backwards.

It takes time to rewire your psychology and physiology, for a new reality to form in your subconscious, where it becomes a part of who you are (whether you’re practicing it or not). You can see change in a month, but true, everlasting change takes years.

Repetition is the mother of skill.


Soul Work: This goes hand in hand with part 1. It’s less concrete and structured, and requires feeling and intuition. Whereas the psychology and personality of a person is adaptable, malleable, and maneuverable (meaning, I can plant a thought in your mind at will by saying the word ‘dishes’). However, the soul doesn’t change. It’s who you really are – It’s your Nature. And the point of life is to create your life, in alignment with that.

The point of this section is to get you to understand how to listen to your heart, your intuition, and your body senses. To trust in the very intelligence that created you, and to override your culturally conditioned mind, to see yourself as both a distinct part of your community and ecosystem, and also something that is intricately tied to everything around you. It takes time, self-reflection, and deep thought to begin to see yourself in a new way. As a piece of Nature.

According to Heartmath, the energetic field of the heart extends 60-100 times beyond that of the mind, which extends up to 3 feet beyond the body. When we’re living out of alignment with our heart’s core frequency (which is the same as the Earth), we get a negative feedback loop from our heart that shows that we’re living out of alignment. You can feel it.

The heart and the mind have a two-way communication system on all levels – neurological, biochemical, biophysical, and energetic. There’s a reason.

This piece acknowledges a listening that has been (generally) forgotten by culture.


Outer Strategy: This is what most people focus on. It’s the real world understanding of business and life that makes sense to everyone. What do you need to know, who should you be connecting with, how will you be engaging people, and what materials do you require to bring your vision to life?

This is where templates, plans, and project mapping are helpful. What’s your budget, and where is the money going? What type of people are you surrounding yourself with, and why? What would you need to outsource, and what would be within your ‘zone of genius’ to take care of everyday that would feel good for you and all other parties involved? How long will it take to acquire new skills and knowledge, funding and resources, and how much time every week do you have to allocate to that?

If you understand, from the outset, what you have to see your vision to fruition, you can guestimate how long it may take for you to complete it. And it usually takes longer.


Daily Habits: Once you’ve gained clarity and a wholistic understanding of what you’re looking to accomplish, you can break everything down into your daily, weekly, and monthly routines. This is where, overtime, you see grounded, tangible, and actionable results. Moving the needle, as they say.

Consistency trumps intensity.


The goal of any coach, or guide, is to save you time (the most valuable thing we have in this life) creating your vision, to be with you through your own process, and walk you through everything that comes up along the way with an understanding of what you’re going through. All while holding the space of inquiry, awareness, and allowing, so it can come through you, not the coach. It’s also to hold you accountable, to challenge you, and not buy into your misperceptions that may be holding you back.

So that’s why I’m here.


With love,


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