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Human Potential – It’s Ecological

In studying self-actualization, personal development, and psychology since I was 19, I’ve learned that it’s not fully true.

So much of it is westernized and doesn’t include the soul, nature, and trauma. It’s incomplete. It tends to view the human system in a vacuum, as an individual, from a reductionist lens that isolates you from other societal truths that are apart of our culture.

Most of personal development is centered around the mind and a capitalist culture which rewards monetary success. There’s nothing wrong with money, it’s neutral, but as an end in and of itself, it will never give us the feeling we crave.


Bill Plotkin (and other Eco-psychologists) speak of a deep transformational shift in awareness of the human being that transcends culture and language. One that reunites us with our true self, and our raison d’être. This comes about through inner visions that desire to come to life through and be made manifest in the physical earth plane. Our personal unfolding.

Your purpose and culture/language are distinct. For instance, If you were born into another culture, with another language, you would grow up as a different person, but your genetic make-up would be the same. Your purpose would be the same, but it would be expressed differently in the world.

I’m deeply attracted to this understanding, and am certain that as we evolve as a species, more people will be as well.

From this perspective, which I believe is closer to ‘the truth’, each individual is part of a greater web, and holds a unique destiny that’s nestled within the biosphere and in relation to all other beings on the planet. If life were to reorganize surrounding this ‘heart truth’, the whole world would live in harmony.


“If we surrendered to Earth’s intelligence we could rise up rooted, like trees.” – Rainer Maria Rilke

Rilke had it right. But he wasn’t a scientist, he was a writer and a poet, typically regarded as a more feminine expression. Michael Singer understood this as well, and spent his life forgetting who he thought was, who his culture informed him to be, and totally immersed in his daily experience. Much like the animals, living on instinct and intuition. Until he built a billion dollar medical company.

Do you remember being a child? The curiosity that flowed through you, the wonder that inspired you, the innocence that moved you to do whatever you damn well pleased? From a place of purity.

If you had a vision would you trust it? If you had a natural feeling would you listen? Would your conditioned mind allow you to let the Nature within you take the wheel, or would you get in your own way?

We’re taught to live in a box, think in a box, dream in a box. Don’t (color) outside the (lines). The Soul is wanting to be expressed, through you.

Find The People Who Believe What You Believe.


With Love,


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