Soul Earth

The Earth’s Dream For Itself

In Ancient Times, according to Aristotle, man was not separate from Nature, but equally a part of the web of life. In Genesis, it spoke of how man was meant to take care of the Garden.

“So the lord had took the man (he had made) and settled him in the Garden of Eden to cultivate and keep it.” ~ Genesis 2:15

In more recent times, at the beginning of the scientific revolution, philosophers like Sir Francis Bacon (1561-1626) saw it another way. In Francis’s view man is superior to Nature. In his scientific (reductionist) view, man is meant to manipulate and conquer Nature. This was the dominant thinking of the time.

This reductionist, scientific worldview has penetrated the collective consciousness for a long time, and it’s the opposite of holism. One (the masculine) where everything is distinct. And one (the feminine), where everything is connected.


We are of the Earth, born of it. Holding the same intelligence as the planet, co-evolving with the ebbs and flow of life. We are intrinsically tied to the destiny of our home. As we transform, the Earth transforms. As we heal, the Earth heals.

As we release our grip on the rationalist paradigm we’ve been conditioned into, we begin to step into a more authentic and embodied expression of our place in the world. We begin to experience our purpose, a feeling of deep fulfillment that exists to enhance life.

Our purpose isn’t a place to get to. It’s not a destination, nor does it require external validation. It’s a place to come from, a solid sense of self, and an overflowing well that is gifted at birth. Waiting to be tapped into, as a gift to the world around you. It’s generative in the sense that it fuels you, and gives back to you, as you give.

In this way, we are Earth’s intelligence, waiting to be tapped into. The potential of the cosmos coming through us as we move from head to toe, passing the heart as we go. Grounding Divinity, as Heaven on Earth.


This is the Earth’s Dream For Itself. Every human on planet Earth, alive, embodied, and on purpose. Deeply connected to the life around them. Serving something greater than themselves, as every choice, intention, and energetic weaving is embedded into the tapestry we are all made of and apart.

It’s happening, and it’s moving through you.


With Love,


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