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The Archetypes

Archetypes have existed since humans have been able to describe reality, and when we began to make sense of ourselves and our place in the world. They’re categorizations of human personality traits that exist within us all, and we’re all drawn to certain archetypes over others. The one’s were intuitively drawn to tend to help us understand, anchor, and express ourselves in the world.

We’ve embedded these archetypes into deities, gods, myths, and stories as a way to personify the world and make sense of and organize life on planet Earth. They can empower us, teach us lessons, and narrate the way we create our cultures.

Artemis & Apollo – In Greek Mythology, Artemis & Apollo are Divine Twins. They are counterparts, and a balance of opposites. They represent the Masculine & Feminine held in Nature & Society.

Apollo is the God of Light, Truth, Law & Order, The Sun, Music, & Healing. Artemis is the Goddess of Nature, the Night, The Moon, The Wild, Animals, Vegetation, Childbirth & Care.

Balancing Opposites – In our modern world, one twin has dominated over the other. For thousands of years we’ve used Order (Logic & Reason) to rule the world, and dominate Nature, within us, and outside of us. However, together, in harmonious balance the two will bring wholeness & a higher vibrational plane of existence a.k.a. Heaven on Earth.

Soul Earth & Soul Garden – The Beginning of These Two Brands are Archetyped as Apollo & Artemis, The Masculine & Feminine coming into balance across the planet, Harmonizing us with the natural world in a way that brings prosperity, healing, abundance, truth, and higher order.

Heal The World – On a cosmic level, these two energies coming into balance will Heal The World. It’s happening all around you.

Do you see that?


With Love,


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