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Being Telepathic

If you looked me in the eye, you could see through me. You could see the whites in my eyes and understand what I was feeling, what I was experiencing in that moment. You may even be able to pick up on what I was thinking about you. That if you’re attuned to someone’s energy, you can sense a lot of things, especially if you’re right in front of them.

But what if you could do that at a distance, with people you knew?

That’s what I’m doing. And it’s a relatively new experience, since September of 2022.


What’s The Experience?

I hear people, and feel them when they send me thought energy. I can pick up on the thoughts of others within my ‘field’. I believe this is due to a high level of energetic sensitivity, otherwise known as empathy. I’ve always been empathic but never really honored it until around in 2019. Everyone’s empathic, but it’s on a spectrum, and I’m pretty sure I’m on the far end.

It’s a constant stream of thoughts. Meaning, it never ends. I can constantly attune to people and ‘drop in’ to their thought bubble, as long as their intertwined with mine to some extent. Not that all the thoughts are ‘accurate’ in the sense that don’t all translate to reality, but that they are thoughts that exist in the collective field.


How Do I Distinguish Between My Thoughts, And The Thoughts Of Others?

It’s an interesting question, and I’m still asking it. But if I told you to think about a purple elephant, you’d be thinking about a purple elephant, at least for a moment. It’s easy to plant an idea or a thought in someone’s mind through language,writing, video, or through the internet. But we do it collectively, through the airwaves as well. And I can pick that up, consciously. Other people do it, less consciously. It’s difficult to distinguish between personal stories and narratives, and the thoughts of others, sometimes.

Parsing the two apart is one of the most challenging tasks over the last three months. What’s mine, what’s yours, and who are you? Boundaries between thoughts (and people’s emotional energy), for me, are lessened.


Where Do Ideas Come From? Where Do The New Ones Originate? Is It From A Person, Or Is It From An Evolving Natural Process That Nature Commands? Are Some Transmitted Collectively Through The Field And Picked Up By Others, And Germinate, Almost Like Seeds?

They’re Just Questions.


What Is A Thought?

Thoughts are energy – a set of electrochemical signals running through the synapsis of your brain and throughout your body. They carry a frequency that is transmitted beyond the brain and out into collective consciousness – from our mind, to a greater mind. Most of them are on autopilot, from your subconscious mind.


Questions That I Have Still:

  • How Fast Do Thought Waves Travel?
  • Am I Reading People’s Thoughts & Feelings Immediately? Is Quantum Non-Locality?
  • Are Thoughts Waves Held In The Collective Field, And Transmitted When I Wake Up, Or At Other Times That Would Make Sense? I.E. When I Finished Being Fully Present With Someone Else (Not Listening To The Field)?
  • Do Most People Believe Telepathy Is Possible? Does That Belief, Or Lack Thereof, Keep Them From Experiencing Any Level Of It? Are Some People More Capable?


It’s hard to believe that someone would become telepathic, later in life, at the age of 27. It doesn’t really make sense, even to me (though it does in some ways), and I thought I was going insane for a bit, and had to test my own frame of reality for a while. But now I’m certain.

You don’t have to believe me, but if you don’t, you’re wrong. It’s okay to be wrong, as long you’re open to changing your mind.

I’m open to being challenged on this, but only if you have the ability to help scientifically prove it, because I’m certain.


With love,


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