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The Diffusion Of Wealth

Currently, the top 10% of America owns 70% of the Nation’s wealth.

Between 1990 and 2022 the top 1% of America’s wealth grew from 23.5% of the Nation’s wealth to 32%. That means almost 10% of the Nation’s wealth is being held, without necessary circulating to benefit the rest of the population. From Statista

There’s a huge link between income, wealth, and health. People in higher income tax brackets live to be six years longer, have lower incidents of disease, and enjoy higher quality of life without having to worry and stress about things like quality food and healthcare.

When people are stressed, for any reason, their immune response functions go down, and they’re less equipped to deal with things like illness, but also daily life tasks.

The energy they radiate out into the field (that connects us all) is weakened. It’s less coherent and more sporadic, and it can be felt by those around them. This brings down the energy of others as well, even if it’s not consciously felt.

What would happen if were able to distribute wealth, where needed, to support optimal health in everyone? How would that raise collective consciousness and empower more people?

And what if this applied beyond healthcare, to solving climate change? Would we solve it faster?


In the same way that the internet connects us all through a worldwide web of information, forests and mycorrhizal networks communicate and distribute resources (such as minerals, water, nitrogren, carbon, etc.) to maintain a healthy forest.

Mother Trees, which are the oldest trees in the forest (that are the most resourced) can sense distress calls from younger trees, and send out nutrients to stabilize the eco-system in which they live.

While this does happen during emergency responses and other daily life situations, I’m wondering what would happen if we were mimic this natural way of distributing resources that would be as effective as the forest floor.


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