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The nature of life is change. Society and the world itself is changing massively as a result of our inhabiting Earth in a way that will, currently, lead to our demise as a species. The time is here to create new modes of living and relating to each other and the natural world that will allow us to thrive and flourish into future generations, or face the consequences of not doing so. This time on our planet is called The Great Turning. As we face changing weather patterns, rising temperature, food and water insecurity, and mass species extinction we are faced with coming to terms with our shallow cultural context that is deeply disconnected from the truth of Nature and the living systems of our planet.

Many of these problems we are facing are a result of navigating the complexity of our world without understanding it holistically. Meaning, we have created a segmented society that splits up educational disciplines, fields of work, and classes of people as a way of organizing society without blending them and including the ecological. This lack of understanding of the way that Nature works, which is the most efficient system, has led to a whole host of problems that are reflected in our societal systems – food, law, government, education, and more. By moving towards a society and model of life that reflects natural systems, we have the potential to thrive on this planet for millenia. 



When we’re growing up, and as we move through the world we’re confronted with experiences that inflict damage upon our psyches and nervous systems. These experiences, unless properly tended, hold us back in life by keeping us stuck in previous developmental stages, having recurring negative thought patterns in response to certain stimuli, and overall keep us from fulfilling our unique potential in this life. According to The National Council more than 70% of the United States has experienced some form of trauma. This amount of people experiencing trauma, without necessarily healing, is unnerving because it shows that we as a species have way more work to do in healing and unleashing human potential. When we don’t heal these experiences they stay stuck in the communities in which they reside and tend to cause further problems for everyone involved. 

When trauma is healed it releases energy and blockages in our system. It brings us back into our bodies, and reconnects with our intuition. No one can fulfill their potential unless they are connected to their intuition. This is the language of the soul, and how the heart speaks through us – how Nature speaks through us. The majority of Americans don’t listen to their intuition, most of the time, as we are conditioned into thinking from our heads – despite the fact that our bodies and hearts are able to process information about 65,000 times faster. When we follow our intuition, or deepest wisdom, we unfold into the world as who we really are. It may take us down paths that don’t necessarily resonate with society, or other people’s understanding of who we are, but it will be true for us as individuals and true for the Earth. As it is the Earth’s intelligence moving through you.

It is only through working with Earth’s intelligence, which is deeply embedded in every human’s system, that we can truly heal the fragmented society in which we are a part of, and the ecosystems in which we have destroyed. Mother Nature already knows what it’s doing. It’s imprinted in every individual’s DNA. Genetic instructions that hold the keys to everyone’s personal unfolding. In listening to this inner wisdom, we are guided down a path that is inherently healing for people and the Earth itself. Because it is in the disconnection from this wisdom that we have created a society that extracts resources and energy in a way that is both incredibly inefficient and damaging to the biospheres around the planet. 

To harmonize with Earth’s ecological systems (our external world) we must first harmonize with the human system (our internal world) of thoughts and more specifically, our feelings, and understand that we are not just our egos or identity. That we are part of a greater mind and intelligence that is seeking to connect us all and create a society that flourishes with the rest of the web of life. It’s simpler said than done, but at the core, life is always seeking to preserve and perpetuate more life. However, we have adopted a false understanding of natural systems that Charles Darwin put forward in his book On the Origin Of Species that has diffused into and created a culture narrative. The truth is that life is, generally, symbiotic and collaborative and would never survive otherwise.

I hold a vision of the world that is unified, healed, and deeply connected to the patterns of Nature. Soul Garden is the manifestation of that vision. It’s an ecological tourist destination that will bring visitors, money, and thought leaders into the community while simultaneously healing and educating people on the future of our world. My intention is for Soul Garden to create a more vibrant, connected, and safe community that will ripple outward into the rest of the world. As I firmly believe that educational and transformational & healing experiences are deeply needed not just in our community, but all communities across the country at this period of time.


With Deep Respect,


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