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Reality Creation

We Create Reality.

Individually and Collectively. Culture is a collective Reality Creation.

Your personal life is individual reality creation. And the two merge, and overlap, quite a bit.

The Observer Effect: The observer is occurring all the time. It basically states that the mere act of observing something, changes it. In quantum, everything is energy. And everything behaves as a wave, until it is observed. At which point it collapses into particle, based on the observation.

So we all have a program (many) running in our subconscious. And that program is being projected outward into the external world. So that when we’re observing something, we’re viewing it through the lens of our program. And that program is simultaneously creating reality.

To to take control of your reality, re-write the program.

Subconscious Programming: With that in mind, one the major keys of personal (and collective) transformation, is to change the program. Whatever we think about on a consistent basis, will become the program. It can take anywhere between a week to two months (or longer) depending on the amount of subconscious programming or limiting beliefs existing in your current program.

To re-write the program you can direct your conscious awareness through meditating, journaling, certain types of movies and music. There’s many ways to reprogram your subconscious.
And the best brain wave state to do so, is Alpha. Between 7.5Hz – 14Hz. This a calm, relaxed state of waking awareness.

The Power of Visualization: Our minds don’t know the difference between a thought or imagery, and reality. Rehearsing things in our mind, is basically as effective, as rehearsing them in real life.

The Magnetic Field of The Heart: The other component of reality creation. Perhaps the most important part, is the heart. The magnetic field of the heart is 5,000 times stronger than that of the mind. But they’re both important.

The heart, and the feelings it produces, acts a magnet, drawing your desired reality towards you. Match the frequency of your desired reality, and it can’t help but manifest.

One way to do this is ask yourself, “How would I feel if I was experiencing xyz?”

Write it down, and get yourself into that state. Your mind and heart will begin to send that signal out into the field, and begin drawing it to you.

Over time, you will install the wiring, and it will become your reality.



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