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Intuition: Nature’s Guidance System

As we’re peering into the abyss, as a species, looking down the barrel of climate change and going through a paradigm shift, I see intuition as the key our ‘sur-thrival’ on Earth.

We’re looking at ‘Wicked Problems’. Also defined as problems so interwoven and complex in their nature, making them seemingly impossible to solve.

But that’s wrong.
Because those same problems were created with a certain level of consciousness.

An excerpt from Catching Fire by Steven Kotler & Jamie Wheal

While our thinking mind can only process 200,000 to 1 million bits of data per second, our intuitive body can process 65 billion bits of data per second.

These incredibly complex problems were created from the level of the mind. The ego. We can’t ‘think’ our way out them, in the same way we ‘thought’, our way into them.

And due to their complexity, can only be solved through intuition, our subconscious pattern recognition, sixth sense, and higher self.

But due to Judeo-Christianity is imbued in the culture, which has disconnected us from our bodies. And generational trauma over the centuries has created armor and closed off our hearts.

Both of these problems have disconnected us from our intuition. The very thing that can guide us back to nature, create harmony with the natural world, and ultimately heal the world.

Intuition could be defined as the ability to understand something immediately without conscious reasoning. It’s an inner knowing.

Society has trained us to focus external authorities as our source of reference.

I’m here to tell you that your most reliable source of reference, is you. Your heart and intuition.

And that following it, listening to it, and trusting it will be the answer to ‘Wicked Problems’ we’re facing.

Because we’re all born with purpose, and we’re all born with some unique gift to give the world.

And if everyone can give their gift, the whole world heals.



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