Soul Earth

The Soul

There’s another layer of reality, beyond what many have been conditioned to believe.

Beyond what the eyes can see, but it exists nonetheless. The same way oxygen moves through time and space, invisible to the naked eye. The same way electricity coursing through wires has no way to be witnessed, but it can be felt, if touched.

That layer of reality is spirit, and the soul. And it exists in each one of us, whether we acknowledge it, or not. Most people, due to cultural conditioning, don’t acknowledge it. But it speaks through whispers, images, and visions. Through intuitive hits and guidance. It wants us to follow it, to make manifest the truth of who we are in the physical plane. And I believe it’s possible, for every human on planet earth.

A Combination Chart From David Hawkins Power Vs. Force and Eastern & Western Philosophy.
An Evolutionary Pattern.

This chart gives a taste of the evolutionary process occurring for the species, as well as the individual. As a species (and as individuals) we are becoming more conscious of ourselves and the world around us. As hunter gatherers we had minimal awareness of the world around us, and were just getting by.

As the agricultural revolution begun, we were able to create more security and stability, allowing us to focus our attention and energy on more than just our basic needs. Things like creativity and production. We were able stay in one place for extended periods of time and settle into our environment, and learn about our surroundings. And we’ve only continually progressed, and risen up the chart, creating more and more safety for the species.

I’ve heard it said that we’re entering the Age of the Heart. We’ve created all the technological advancements to keep our species alive, essentially forever. But we’re trapped in greed, trauma, and misinformation. A culture that’s out of touch with ‘reality’. We have all the knowledge, resources, and know how, but we’re blinded. It’s holding us back from our evolution.

When we’re living from our minds, we’re generally living more from our ego. And the ego is divisive, it creates boundaries and differences between ‘I’ and ‘you’. Which isn’t bad, but it can be, when it’s out of balance. When we’re living from the heart, we become more energy, and less material. There’s less separation between ‘I’ and ‘you’. When we’re living from the heart, we’re moving higher up the scale of consciousness, and we’re living on a higher frequency of reality. This is the balance of the masculine, and feminine.

Given the problems we’re facing as a species, it’s this shift from head to heart, that will save us from utter collapse. As Einstein said, “We can’t solve problems from the same level of thinking that created them.” Climate change (and many of the other problems we’re facing) requires a shift to heart-based living. This higher frequency will let in a vibration that holds the secrets to our evolution. The electromagnetic field of the heaet is 5,000 times greater than that of the mind.

Let’s Go Deeper:

Heartmath Science: According to 30 years of hard science through the Heartmath Institute when we’re living from our heart, we’re creating coherence. Which implies order, structure, harmony and connection within and among systems – whether in atoms, organ systems, people, teams, or society. When we’re living from our we’re resonating and similar frequency as the planet, 0.1Hz. As nature.

And Nature speaks to us through intuition. Rollin calls it ‘Big Game’, and it guides us to who we really are. It’s Divine Guidance.

Now let’s weave that together with the work of Joe Dispenza

Dr. Joe Dispenza: According to the doctor, many people (due to trauma, societal conditioning, etc.) have been trained to close their heart. Which means this ‘order’ potentiality is closed, for millions (if not billions) of people across the planet. Which means we’re living from our minds, out of order with Nature and Earth. And it’s killing us.

The heart is the Seat of The Soul. Joseph Campbell, mythic philosopher said it well “The goal of life is to make your heartbeat match the beat of the universe, to match your Nature, with Nature.”

Dharma: The word dharma comes from the Sanskrit root word dhri, which means “to preserve, or maintain”. In the early Vedas dharma referred to the cosmic law that created the ordered universe, from chaos.

In the words of Carl Jung “In all chaos there is a cosmos, in all disorder, a secret order.”

The universe is governed by laws.

There’s a planetary shift going on in the world right now, as people wake up to reality, and themselves.

As people open their hearts, they remember.

And I believe the future, is a world in which everyone is connected to that truth.

And that will harmonize us with the natural world.

As within, so without.

With Love,


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