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Most People Are Living Their Life On Autopilot.

A whopping 96% of people according to a study commissioned by Marks & Spencer.

This means that most of their thoughts, actions, and decisions are the same ones as the day before.

Which means that most of their life will continue to be the same as the day before it.

Well… If climate change is the biggest problem of our time, and it is a result of all our collective thoughts and actions, and everyone’s on autopilot…What’re we going to do?

How do we create a pattern interrupt that benefits society, while still solving climate change?

We have to change our thinking.

Which starts with the things we read. The movies we watch. The conversations we have. The music we listen to. And the thoughts we choose to think.

The Law of Diffusion of Innovation States that for every innovation (2.5% of the population) there will be the early adopters (13.5%), the early majority (34%), the late majority (34%), and the laggards (16%).

Shifting culture, and shifting mind patterns, requires market penetration of of about 13.5%, at which tipping point occurs. When this happens the shift to majority adoption happens rather quickly.

Remember this is a law.

So for those putting out new ideas, new forms of thought in service to planet, and life… Be like a river, that runs through rock, through its sheer persistence. Think of the collective consciousness as marble, that has to be molded to fit the needs of the time, with a new consciousness.

It’s not what you do once in a while, but what you do every day, that matters.

You can use the power of words, stories, and thoughts to change collective culture.

That changes the world.

With Love,


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