Soul Earth

Aligning Mind & Heart

The Purpose of All of Our Lives

Taking what you care about, what your passions are, what you’re intuition speaks to you, what you value and tending the garden of your mind to support the creation of that in the external world.

Tom Bilyeu said it well “Only believe that which moves you towards your goals”.

It takes time to tend a garden, and to understand who you are. To learn new skills, new attitudes, new words and stories, new thought patterns and belief systems, new identities. But over time the neurons and synapses in your brain rewire your subconscious mind to construct that new reality. And where the mind goes, the body follows, they’re reflections of each other.

We can heal by thought alone. Which means we can create our life from the inside out, starting with our most dominant thoughts.

It’s so simple, but it is work.

In addition, they say our daily habits reveal our deepest beliefs. Meaning, if you’re working towards something every single day, deep down, you believe it’s going to happen.
Believe it, THEN you’ll see it.

That is the way.

With love,


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