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Deep Learning

I think that forever and always, winter will be a period of deep learning, reflection, planning, and strategizing for the year to come. Rest and renewal.

I look back on this time last year, and how much has transpired in the past year. How much growth occurred, how much creation, how much personal transformation. All a result (in many ways) of the seeds that were planted last winter. Which seems like a lifetime ago.

The little things really add up over time.

Taking this time to slow down, really tune into the moment, hear the music, and enjoy the simple things in their fullness. So many answers in stillness.

Reflecting on what’s truly most important to me. How I want to live the rest of my life, and with whom. Friends, family, and loved ones. What do I want people to say when I die? How do I want to make people feel? How do I want raise people’s lives up?

These are really valuable questions.

With greater awareness, comes greater choices, leading to greater results.

And remember,

The key to legendary, is longevity.

Sending love,


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