Soul Earth

As Within, So Without

An Ancient Truth

That our individual and collective worlds are a result of internalized consciousness being projected out into the world.

We are a result of all we have thought, all we have felt, all we have acted upon, and all the intentions we have set.

We have become what we are, as consciousness.

To shift our inner world into alignment with what it is our heart truly desires requires us to tune in to what it is we really want to experience. Asking the question: what is that I really want to experience?

Then, coming into harmony with that experience with our inner world through our imagination, our thoughts, our words, our actions, and especially, our feelings.

I invite you, write down what it is you want to experience for yourself and for the world. Be clear.

Then start by writing down the version of yourself who has that. What are they thinking on a regular basis? What are they feeling? What are they doing daily? What words are they using to describe their reality?

Then do that.

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