Soul Earth


My life has been incredibly lopsided the last six months. Which has been great, massive progress towards all the goals I wanted to make progress towards. That’s focus.

But the downside of focus, is everything that’s out of focus gets forgotten and neglected. Which is okay for a time. But now I can feel it in my body. The need for deep rest, more community, and balance.

Full unconditional acceptance to simply receive rest.

As I settle in for the long road, what looks to be another five years, the question I’m asking myself is “how can I make this the most enjoyable, smooth, loving, peaceful, creative, and healing ride?”

One that touches every life that I do. One that sends ripples into the collective simply because I exist, and the way I do. The way I am.

All this to say, taking a step back to see the greater picture, the whole.

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