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If you take the time to study ‘great’ people across history, you’ll notice that all of them spent frequent time ALONE.

In nature, in their studies, developing ideas and creations.

Michael Angelo, Da Vinci, writers off all kinds, you name it. All these people spent a lot of time working on their craft, for hours. It’s how people create mastery in any field. It’s the 10,000 hour rule, based upon something called neuro-plasticity which is the brains inherent ability to adapt and reform based upon new tasks and stimuli.

And in this time alone they can access insights that allow them to create disruptions in their field. Through universal intelligence, because they’re not distracted.

When I was younger, why I so deeply wanted to study psychology was to learn about the potential of the brain, and what was really possible for us. What I actually learned in school, was not what I expected. Interesting, but not soul-satisfying. The things I was so drawn to I found instead in books, videos, retreats, writings, and mentors. Self-study.

And I just want everyone to have that knowledge, in service to a utopian garden planet.

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