Soul Earth

The Heart of Coaching

It’s actually a textbook.

And it’s pretty incredible. Just a few chapters in and it’s so incredibly clear why transformational coaching used in organizations and teams is ‘the way’. Which is to say, the most effective at creating optimal results and high performance teams.


Because it focuses on engaging people’s inherent creative capacity, ownership and responsibility of organizational outcomes, and creating a deeper sense of meaning & self-actualization for each individual. Under this framework people are treated as peers and adults and are provided direction (vision) as opposed to directions. Distinct difference.

This creates cultures of collaboration, empowerment, and trust.

Interesting factoid from the book: while managers (generally) believe that employees are motivated by good wages, job security, and promotion opportunities – the top motivators are actually appreciation, feeling ‘in’ on things, and an understanding attitude. Stark difference.

All these things naturally lead to larger bottom lines, which means abundance. And when that’s allocated consciously and with heart, everybody wins.

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