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Everyone’s Got A Gift

Once upon a time, at a party.

I was sitting down next to a group of people. Ironically, one of them was Tasha.

There was a box of question cards, we were all asking each other. Some party cards.

The question asked, that I so distinctly remember despite this being about 6 years ago, was ‘what would your superpower be?’

In my tipsy state, it flowed out of my mouth – ‘to know people’s dreams, what they really want’.

I think back on that experience. Because, deep down we already know who we really are. And that wants to come through, always. As it did in that moment.

I was born to coach.

They say the process of coaching is really like leadership. Which is many things. But it is absolutely the ability to draw out of everyone, their best. To inspire, empower, and hold people to a higher standard.

One of my favorite role model coaches, Rich Litvin, says it best: “I coach kings.”

Now there are very few, if any, literal monarchs in the world. But within everyone is ‘king’ or ‘queen’ potential, if developed.

I believe in that.

“Everyone has the perfect gift to give the world – and if each of us is freed up to give our unique gift, the world will be in total harmony.” – Buckminster Fuller

Good ‘ol Bucky. He got it. He was tuned in.

Because something happens when we’re giving our gift. It creates a conduit of energy and life force that flows effortlessly. Also called alignment. And that ripples out into the rest of the world, effecting everyone.

Joseph Campbell also said it this way: “The goal of life is to make your heartbeat match the beat of the universe, to match your nature with nature”.

And that’s what we’re doing here at Soul Earth and Soul Garden.

Yes, we’re healing people and the world.

And then we’re activating people’s god-like potential.

Sending love,


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