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It’s my birthday on Friday. I’ll be 26.

If you had told me two years ago where things would be at in my life, I almost wouldn’t have believed you.


I don’t recognize the me of 2019. Because so many of the things that I thought were me, weren’t.

Just prior to covid – life, and something within me was speaking to something else. At the end of that year, everything in my life began to crumble away. Work, friends, a relationship.

It sucked. It was incredibly confusing. It hurt.

And it was the best thing for me.

The universe was sweeping me away to meet myself. Isolating me so that I could discover who I am and the things that bring me to life, so that I could bring those things to the world.

Because there’s a reason I’m here. And it’s big.

Nature is looking for people who are ready and willing to take action for her.

I happen to be one of them.

Now, sometimes people misjudge me or don’t fully understand (sometimes). It used to bother me.

Now, I realize that no one is responsible for my life and the reason I’m here, except for me.

It helps to drown out the noise to focus on what truly matters.

Sending love,


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