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The Next Level

There’s something so mysterious, yet so brazenly obvious about the wisdom of the heart. This central spiritual channel through which our deepest truth and wisdom emerges.

It’s always there, and yet for the past centuries we have identified so heavily with the mind. And it’s gotten us this far. Though all the intellect, logic, and reason is doomed to us without the interdependent bridge that is the heart.

The source of love and truth which has been predominantly missing from the majority of world affairs. The triangle of is crashing down. The circle is being built. But there will always be hierarchy, it’s the way of nature. Just less.

I really believe our true power is sourced from this place. They say love is the most powerful force in this universe. And they say speaking our truth is the most powerful thing we can do. Both are housed in the heart.

Might wanna think about it.

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