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Letting Go & Surrender

Over the last few days, in the wake of sharing my dream and plans with the world, I’ve hit some resistance. Some energetic blocks surrounding it’s creation.

At first my initial response was ‘try harder’. But that’s not it, and doesn’t work. And if it does work it feels forced and draining.

What I’m experiencing is a falling away of a previous egoic structure. A set of beliefs, stories, and identities that for a while, served me. Ideas about how things were supposed to go, or how I was supposed to function to ‘make things happen’.

What’s emerging, what wants to come through, is the next stage of my personal evolution.

The part of me that will see through this next phase of my journey. And with it will come another egoic structure. A new set of beliefs, ideas, stories, and identities that will, for a time, serve me.

Letting go can be intimidating.

Because we are saying goodbye to the known, and moving into the unknown.

I love what Kyle Cease says “You can always measure what you’ll lose, but you can’t see what you’ll gain.”

And it’s so true. If we’re growing, our ‘next level’ is always going to bring up fears and resistance. But they’re coming up just to pass through, and on the other side is an expansion.

Contraction and expansion. Inhale, exhale. Winter, Summer.

It’s the way of nature.

So for the next few days I will be taking pause from work for the first time in almost four months. Letting go of my ideas, my attachments to how ‘I think’ things are supposed to go. To make space for what really wants to show up. Which is everything I’ve been creating and putting out. But not necessarily in the way I had it in my head.

I trust life.

Sending love,


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