I'm Broderick, and I'm Concerned.

I might look relaxed in this photo, but I’m worried about the future of this planet. I’m also hopeful. I think there’s been a grand hoax, a myth, surrounding climate change. This idea that it’s not really happening, we don’t have to do something about it, or it’s too late. But we do. And we have about 7-10 years to do so. 

So I created this platform to empower people to ‘Heal The World’, deal with climate change in creative ways, and create a world in harmony with Nature. Through business. 

I grew up in Humboldt County, Home of The Redwoods, Northern California. I studied psychology in college and have spent the last three years studying the world, people, and climate change. I believe education opens our eyes to a world of infinite possibilities. I see a more beautiful world working it’s way through us. I also identify as an empath. Meaning, I feel what you feel, whether I want to or not, and I’m deeply attuned to the world in which we live. 

Combining Nature, Ecology, Climate Science, Biomimicry, & Regeneration with Psychology, Biology, Quantum Physics, Personal Development, Ancient Mysticism, Entrepreneurship and Human Potential – I believe we can…

Heal The World.


Potential is our nature.

'What Speaks To The Soul, Escapes Our Measurements.'

~ Alexander Von Humboldt

Soul Garden & Soul Earth are centered in Humboldt County, CA. Which is named after Alexander Von Humboldt, a Prussian naturalist who is considered the father of Ecology and Environmentalism.
He predicted Climate Change back in 1799, and was very critical of imperialism, slavery, and environmental degradation.
He imbued his life's work into a book called 'Cosmos' and was one of the first to believe that the natural world was governed by laws and saw Nature as a living whole - Naturgemalde he called it.
He believed Nature must be experienced through feeling. His conception of Nature was one of balance and harmony, not of fierce competition, like Charles Darwin.
I resonate with Von Humboldt and carry that with me.

The Mission

Harmonize Humanity & Nature through Actualizing Our Potential

The Vision

A World Living In Harmony With Nature

Our Values






“All The Flowers of All the Tomorrows Are In The Seeds Of Today.”

~ Indian Proverb


A Home for Collective Healing, Earth Regeneration, & Human Potential.


A Collection of Musings on Conscious Evolution, Personal Development, and Nature.


A Dive Into Your Personal Process & Journey.