Harmonizing Nature & Humanity


Actualizing Our Potential

As You May Know...
Climate Change Is A Problem.
The Greatest Problem of Our Time.

In California, 14 of 20 of the Largest Wildfires Have Occurred In The Last 10 Years, and Nine In The Last 2. Fire Seasons Are Getting Longer Across The World.

As The Climate Changes and Temperatures Rise There Will Be An Increase In More Powerful Hurricanes and Typhoons. Especially in The South & Midwest States.

The Consensus is Clear. Warming Temperatures Will Continue To Dry Up Landscapes In The Coming Decades, Rendering Arable Land Unusable, and Drying Up Our Water Supply. 

And there's More...

It's Bad.

But A more Beautiful World Is possible.

Being in Nature, or Having it Abundantly Within Cities… Improves Attention, Lowers Stress, Betters Mood, Reduces Risk of Mental Health Disorders, As Well As Upticks Empathy & Cooperation.



Regenerative & Biomimetic Businesses Models Have The Ability To Create More Impact & Benefit For All Parties Involved, As Well As The Surrounding Area.

We Can Improve Landscapes In The Way We Build. If We Do It Right, We Can Sequester More Carbon, Produce More Oxygen, Increase Water Retention, and Uplevel Renewable Energy.

We Can Heal The World.

"Education Is The Most Powerful Weapon
We Can Use To Change The World".

~ Nelson Mandela

“Ecology is not somebody’s work; it’s everybody’s work.” 

~ sadhguru

Business Resources

Circular Design

A Collection of Resources for Designing and Building Regenerative & Circular Businesses.


A Course Through Capital Institute on The Emerging Field of Regenerative Economics.

Regenerative Building Materials

A Collection of Regenerative Building Materials For Inspired Creations Across The Globe.

The first law of ecology: Everything is connected to everything else. 

the second law of ecology: everything must go somewhere. 

the third law of ecology: nature knows best. 

the fourth law of ecology: there is no such thing as a free lunch. 

– Barry Commoner

Natural Innovation

Biomimetic Architecture

Biomimetic Architecture & Projects and Inspiration from Vincent Callebaut. 

Ask Nature

A Collection of Knowledge & Innovations Designed From The Natural World. 

Biomimicry Toolbox

A Simplified Toolbox for Learning About the Systems, Design, & of Biomimicry. 

Nature is a totally efficient, self-regenerating system. If we Discover the laws that govern this system and live synergistically within them, sustainability will follow and humankind will be a success.

~ buckminster fuller

Regenerative Education

Regenerative Economics 101

An Intro To Transforming Our Economic System To One That Models The Natural World.


Revolution From The Heart of Nature – A Collection of News & Resources For A Natural World.

Verge Permaculture

A Collection of Resources Through Verge Permaculture on Creating Practical Climate Solutions.

“we are racing towards abundance, and we are going to be increasing the quality of life for everyone on this planet. The world’s Greatest Problems Are The worlds biggest business Opportunities.”

~ Peter diamandis

Healing Education

Somatic Experiencing International

An Learning Resource For Healing & Resolving Trauma Around The Globe

Depression Education

Natural & Alternative Treatments To Depression & Anxiety

Natural Healers
Holistic Healing Education

Learning On A Multitude of Holistic Healing Modalities & How To Explore Them

“Water Is The Driving Force Of All Nature.”

~ Leonardo Da Vinci

Healing Education

Healing Addiction With Dr. Gabor Mate

An Extensive Overview Of Addiction & Treatment Options With Dr. Gabor Mate 

Therapeutic Modalities from Physiopedia

A Collection of Technological Healing Modalities & Their Uses

The Naturopathic

A Research Backed, Doctor Founded Directory For Healing Herbs & Plants

“If There Is Magic On This Planet, It is contained in water.”

~ Loren Eiseley

Your Guide, Broderick


The Journey


“The Goal Of life is living in agreement with nature.”

~ zeno

Inner Evolution

A Simply Divine Inner Journey Guidebook

The best time to plant a tree was twenty years ago. The second best time, today.

~ Chinese Proverb


A Home for Collective Healing, Earth Regeneration, & Human Potential.


Soulutions For Earth – A Podcast Planting Seeds For A More Beautiful World.


A Collection of Musings on Conscious Evolution, Personal Development, and Nature.